• Know Your Limits

  • Exceed Them Often

  • Exceed Your Limits
  • Personalized Feedback
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Objective Evaluation
  • The core of XEED’s mission is to exceed limits - by pushing the physical limits of individual patients and giving the Parkinson’s community the analytic insights to break through existing boundaries.

    Know Your Limits. Exceed Them Often.
  • "Finally, a device patients can have with them that basically carries their Physical Therapist with them - driving their motion, driving their performance, and giving back a sense of control!"

    - Dr. Joellyn Fox, DPT
  • "I see my neurologist every six months for a thirty-minute session and thus spend every year a total of one hour being observed. That leaves 8,765 hours per year when my disease is not being monitored."

    - Sara Riggare, Parkinson's Patient & Advocate
  • "There is so much subjectivity and guesswork in monitoring the progress and response to treatment of Parkinson's patients. XEED will go a long way in resolving this puzzle. Kudos to the XEED team!"

    - Dr. Samuel Oloyo, MD
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XEED® Device Applications

Precision full-body motion capture at an affordable cost enables rapid advancements in the following areas:

VR & Animation Health & Wellness Medical & Research
Lowest cost motion based system Ergonomic design for everyday comfort Designed for large population studies
Stream at 60fps with 48 hour battery life Activity specific full-body analytics Live remote patient monitoring
Easy integration with rigging software Weatherproof for use outdoors Advanced biometric processing

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  • Know Your Limits

  • Exceed Them Often